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Prepare for an Enterprise GroupWise Connection

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Last updated: 22 Oct, 2015

To prepare for eDirectory and Enterprise GroupWise Riva connections

  1. Ensure that the system requirements have been met.
  2. Prepare the Windows system hosting the Riva server.
  3. Prepare the Riva connection user accounts for e/Directory/GroupWise.
  4. Prepare the target GroupWise user accounts.
  5. Configure firewall support.

Step 1: Ensure that the System Requirements Have Been Met

Supported GroupWise systems. Riva Enterprise GroupWise connections can be used for the following certified GroupWise systems:

  • Certified GroupWise Systems:

    • GroupWise 2012, or
    • GroupWise 8.0+, or
    • GroupWise 7.0.3+
  • GroupWise Patches:

    • GroupWise 8.0.2 systems must be patched to Hot Fix 3 to prevent a known SOAP issue that can corrupt mailbox data.
    • GroupWise should be patched to the latest levels.

Step 2: Prepare the Windows System Hosting the Riva Server

Confirm the following has been completed:

  • Install and test the following client software:

    • Windows Novell client (4.9.15+ for Windows XP/2003 or 2.0+ for Windows 7/2008). Log in to the eDirectory tree as an admin user.
    • Windows GroupWise client to match the GroupWise system version. Log in to the GroupWise system as a valid user.
  • Disable Data Execution Protection.

  • Create a local user account (for example, Riva), and add it to the local Administrators group. Ensure that the account password is set to never change and to not expire. The Riva CRM Agent service will be configured to log on as this user.

Step 3: Prepare the Riva Connection User Accounts for eDirectory/GroupWise

The Riva server needs to create an eDirectory and a GroupWise connections. Connection user accounts need to be created or selected and properly configured.

  • Create or select an eDirectory user account (for example, named riva) that will be used to authenticate to eDirectory and add target GroupWise users to the Riva sync policy:

    • Ensure that the user account password is configured to never expire or change.
    • This account must be an admin level user.
    • Test the login as this user from the Windows system that will host the Riva server.
  • Create a GroupWise Trusted Application Key (for example, Riva-GW-Key) that will be used by the Riva connection to GroupWise to provide approved full access to target user mailboxes.

Step 4: Prepare the Target GroupWise User Accounts

Riva requires several key actions to be completed for each target user:

  • First log on to GroupWise - Users for each target GroupWise account that will synchronize to the CRM must log in to their GroupWise account using a GroupWise client at least once. This ensures that the required folders are created in the target user mailboxes.

  • Primary SMTP Email Address - Each user's primary SMTP email address value in GroupWise must match the primary email address value for the corresponding CRM user account.

  • Visibility - The target user mailbox must be visible in the GroupWise system address book.

Step 5: Configure Firewall Support

Firewalls must allow:

  • eDirectory Access - LDAP authentication (ports 389 (non-secure) or 636 (secure)) between the Riva server and the eDirectory tree LDAP authentication server.

  • GroupWise Access:

    • GroupWise connection - Typically TCP port 1677. (Confirm network ports assigned to each post office.)
    • Data Transfer - Enable SOAP via HTTP or HTTPS protocols between the Riva Host system and the GroupWise server(s) configured in the Riva connections to GroupWise. (Refer to the POA settings for SOAP ports.)

Article ID: 727
Last updated: 22 Oct, 2015
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