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Back Up Transaction Files When User is Not Being Synced

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Last updated: 16 Nov, 2015

An external backup process would have difficulty avoiding copying the transaction files while Riva is syncing a user. By using the Sync.Crm.TransactionBackup custom options, you can configure Riva to copy the transaction files to the backup location only when the user is not being synced.

Custom Options

Apply the following custom options to either the Riva service app.setting .config file (to affect all sync policies) or to the sync policy advanced custom options:

Sync.Crm.TransactionBackup.IntervalMinutes = [value in minutes]  (This enables the transaction files backup feature and sets the backup interval.)
Example: Sync.Crm.TransactionBackup.IntervalMinutes = 180

Sync.Crm.TransactionBackup.TargetPath = [mapped drive path]  (This sets the path of the parent folder for the backup.)
Example: Sync.Crm.TransactionBackup.TargetPath = T:\Riva\Transaction (Sets T:\Riva\Transaction as the parent folder for the backup.)

If not set, a Transaction.Backup folder is created as a sibling of the Transactions folder.

Sync.Crm.TransactionBackup.MaxArchivesToKeep = [value] (This sets the number of archive files to keep. If this custom option is not set, the default value is 2.)
Example: Sync.Crm.TransactionBackup.MaxArchivesToKeep = 3

These options can be used in conjunction with the Passive fail-over disaster recovery strategy.

Riva names the backup files Module.metadata.YYYY-MM-DDTHHMMSSSS.backup, for example Task.metadata.2015.11.12T15112845.backup.

Applies to

  • Riva On-Premise or higher

Article ID: 703
Last updated: 16 Nov, 2015
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