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EMU 3.6 Latest Release Notice

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Last updated: 18 Jun, 2014

Latest Release.  We are pleased to announce the latest release 3.6.64 (2009.08.12) of EMU

In this Release.  Please refer to the EMU Changelog for the latest feature enhancements and additions.

EMU Provides - a Windows (32-bit) utility for bulk importing and modifying of Novell eDirectory and GroupWise user accounts.  It provides speed and consistency throughout your user creation and bulk modify processes:

  • Compatible with GroupWise, eDirectory, NDS and NetMail
  • Workstation application - no server-based components
  • Import or modify tens, hundreds or thousands of eDirectory and GroupWise accounts based on the contents of a data file
  • Provides access to bulk manage extended schema values
  • Bulk delete eDirectory and GroupWise accounts and Home Directory at once
  • Delete "orphaned" user home directories
  • Identify and delete accounts that have not been used in X days
  • Automated user creation with EMU

Documentation:  EMU documentation includes:

Installation:  EMU has an installer that can be downloaded.  Installation instructions are available in the Setup and User Guide.

Licensing and Pricing:  EMU is no longer available as a new purchase for customers.  For customers that need a bulk management solution for eDirectory and GroupWise, we recommend that you look at Omni eControl (www.omniecontrol.com).

Purchasing EMU:  Licenses for EMU are no longer available.

Support for EMU:  Customer with current support agreements will be provided support until the term of their existing agreement expires.  Online documentation will remain available.

Article ID: 70
Last updated: 18 Jun, 2014
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