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Get Started Bundle for Riva On-Premise Deployments

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Last updated: 06 May, 2016

Purpose of the Get Started Bundle

The Get Started Bundle (GSB) is a billable professional services bundle that provides a Riva Success Team specialist to lead the customer through the steps to install and configure a Riva On-Premise server in a customer’s environment. Our goal is to ensure that the Riva On-Premise server deployment is complete and data is synching properly.

The GSB includes planning, installation, configuration, implementation, and best practices training by our support team for the Riva administrator.

The GSB does not include professional services for custom filtering, custom development, custom object integration, or enterprise implementation. Those are separate billable professional services provided by our Client Engagement Team.

Ordering a GSB

Contact the Riva Sales Team to place an order for a GSB.

Initial Contact

Upon receipt of a GSB order, a member of the Riva Success Team will contact the customer to discuss the system requirements, confirm special sync or business use case requirements, and schedule the appointment. The customer will receive an email that contains the necessary instructions and links to our Knowledge Base to prepare their environment for the Riva server installation, configuration, and licensing.

Overview of Riva Deployment

The assigned Riva Success Team member will work with the customer to plan and implement the deployment. Provided that the customer’s environment has been properly prepared, a typical GSB appointment normally takes 2.5 hours and involves:

  • Confirming host Windows system requirements and download Riva
  • Installing Riva, creating email and CRM connections, and licensing the server
  • Configuring a single sync policy, installing the CRM Agent service, and enabling the sync policy
  • Monitoring and confirming initial sync of data from the CRM to the user mailboxes
  • After the initial sync, reviewing the synched data in the email client, testing sync of contacts, appointments, tasks, email sync, and other options
  • Reviewing common Riva admin procedures to add users to a sync policy, apply license files, make changes to the sync policy, stop and start the sync service, request support, use the knowledge base, and apply replacement license files.
  • Having a question and answer period

Completion of the GSB

Upon completion of the GSB, the Riva Success Team member will provide the customer with an email record of the GSB activities.

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Article ID: 690
Last updated: 06 May, 2016
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