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Last updated: 21 Jul, 2015

The following PDF Guides are available for Riva Management for GroupWise:

Riva Management for GroupWise is supported up to GroupWise 2012

Important Note:  

Riva for GroupWise Management (including Riva Managed Policies and Reports, Riva Managed Applications, and Riva Identity Integration) is not compatible with GroupWise 2014.

Riva for GroupWise Management uses the legace GroupWise Admin API (included with the GroupWise client before GroupWise 2014) which has a critical dependency with eDirectory.  GroupWise 2014+ no longer has a dependency with eDirectory so the GroupWise Admin API has been removed and has been replaced with a REST-based API which will not work with Riva for GroupWise Management.

Riva has no plans to extend Riva for GroupWise Management past GroupWise 2012. This means that once a customer upgrades to GroupWise 2014 the Riva for GroupWise Management policies will no longer work.

Common Guides

Riva Policies and Reports

Riva Managed Applications

Article ID: 56
Last updated: 21 Jul, 2015
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