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Riva CRM 2.4.23 (2011.05.30)

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Last updated: 15 Aug, 2011

This release includes the following enhancements:

Riva CRM Sync Policy

  • Setting Error Categories:  When an item in a drop folder fails to sync, Riva will assign an error category to the item and leave the item in the drop folder.  For successive sync cycles, Riva will handle those items:

    • if the user modifies the item to correct it, Riva will see this as a changed item, attempt to sync it again.  If successful, Riva will remove the error category and process the item normally.

    • if the user does not sync it, Riva will try to sync it again.  If successful, Riva will remove the error category and process the item normally.  If not successful, Riva will not change the error category and will continue to retry synching the item.

  • Custom AssignTo Index:  Added an advanced option to apply a custom index that affects the order AssignTo folders are displayed in the Exchange email client. Different custom indexes can be assigned to each module (e.g. Opportunities, Cases, Projects, etc).  (see Advanced option to modify the order AssignTo drop folders are listed in Outlook)

  • Enabled Re-init Options by Module:  Added ability to select specific module for a reinitalization option under "SyncStart Time".  Applies to Exchange CRM policies only.  (see Re-initialization Options for Exchange Accounts)

  • How to Rename Base Module Folder Names:  Added an advanced option to push custom folder names instead of the default "Create New <value>" folder names. (see How to rename the base module folder names)

  • Drop Folder Check Frequency Option:  Added SmartConvert and AssignTo drop folder check frequency settings to "Scheduling" page in the CRM policy. (see CRM Sync Policy: Scheduling - Control drop folder check frequency)

  • Category Colour Options:  Added option to set the color for categories in the "Address Books", "Calendar" and "Task" pages in the CRM sync policy.

  • Maximum Number of Contacts and Leads to Sync Options:  Added "Max number of contacts" and "Max number of leads" settings in the "Address Book" page in the CRM policy.

CRM Specific Enhancements

  • Oracle On-Demand - Enable Attachment Support:  Added option in the Oracle On-Demand connection to enable archiving attachments with emails. (see Archiving Attachments of Emails Not Supported for Oracle CRM On Demand)

  • NetSuite - Added Support for Projects:  Added "Projects" module that can enable SmartConvert for projects.  AssignTo support is not available.

  • SalesLogix - Skip Contact Prefix:  Implemented a default option to skip syncing contact prefix.

  • Override TimeZone from SugarCRM:  Riva will overwrite the timezone on the Exchange connection with user-defined CRM Time Zone (if specified ... mostly applies to SugarCRM systems).  

Noticeable Fixes or Sync Workflow Changes

  • Change Riva default to identify "stuck" sync Items and de-prioritize the sync attempt interval:  When an item fails to sync, it can get "stuck" in a sync queue and Riva will continue to attempt to sync it and fill the log files with the same errors.  Riva will now apply the following logic to stuck items: 
    • After the same item errors 3 consecutive sync cycles, the item will only be retried every 60 minutes.
    • After 2 more sync cycle errors spread 60 minutes apart, the item will be retried only once every 24 hours.
  • Force User Exclusivity - Riva will now detect if a user has been added to multiple sync policies and automatically stop synching for that user.  There is an advanced option to disable this. (contact Omni support to enable)

  • Merged Transaction Directories:  Enabled a default advanced option to merge all transaction folders into a common parent folder.  This permits checking to ensure that users are not assigned to two or more sync policies.  If enabled, when Riva is updated, transaction folders previously stored under seperate policy name folders will be merged to a common parent transaction folder as part of the update.  (contact Omni support to enable)

  • Re-Init Resync will Relink Unlinked Items:  When a Re-init "Resync" occurs, items that users have previously "unlinked" by removing the category, will be relinked.  As a default, Riva will no longer "unlink" when a category has been removed. This default has been changed to support iPad/iPhone that always clear the category when they update a contact/calendar item.   (see Re-initialization Options for Exchange Accounts)

  • Link Email to Accounts When Contacts Do Not Exist:  Riva will now sync a link for SmartConvert and AssignTo synched emails to accounts even if a matching contact or lead is not found in the CRM.  Applies only to supported CRMs that allow linking emails to accounts only. 

  • Salesforce Connection No Longer Uses Impersonation for Connection User:  When Salesforce SSO is configured, the SSO client is skipped and the regular password used if synchronizing the connection user.  The Salesforce SSO user no longer requires SSO enabled. 

Riva CRM Monitor Application

  • Copy ReferenceId to Clipboard: Added ability to right-click a ReferenceId in the Error list and select "copy to clipboard".  This can be used to find specific errors in log files. 

  • Enhanced Usability:   Improve right-click options in the Current Activity user list ("clear error count") and in the Errors list ("clear").  Also supports forcing the resorting of the lists by clicking on the column headers of either list.

Special options that can be enabled by Omni Professional Services

  • Store Logs in SQL: Added option to store Riva logs in a SQL database.  This requires Omni professional services to enable and configure. (contact Omni professional services)

Updating Riva CRM Integration Server

Recommended Update Procedures:  Customers can upgrade their Riva CRM Integration Server server using the "Check for Updates" feature which can be configured to support proxy authentication environments.

Previous Release:   Riva CRM 2.4.22 (2011.04.11)

Article ID: 398
Last updated: 15 Aug, 2011
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