Enable CRM to Mailbox Unidirectional Read-Only Sync

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Last updated: 20 Jun, 2018

By default, Riva provides bidirectional synchronization between the target user's CRM account and mailbox. Riva also offers an advanced option to enforce unidirectional (CRM to mailbox) read-only synchronization to support those customers that want to enforce data management exclusively in the corporate CRM system.

To enable unidirectional, read-only CRM-to-mailbox synchronization:

  • Apply one or more of the following advanced options to the sync policy:

    Sync.Crm.Readonly.Contact = true (Enabled, read-only sync for contacts and accounts.)

    Sync.Crm.Readonly.Lead = true (Enabled, read-only sync for leads.)

    Sync.Crm.Readonly.Appointment = true (Enabled, read-only sync for appointments.)

    Sync.Crm.Readonly.Phone_Call = true (Enabled, read-only sync for phone calls.)

    Sync.Crm.Readonly.Task = true (Enabled, read-only sync for tasks.)

    Sync.Crm.Readonly.Event = true (Enabled, read-only sync for events in supported CRMs only.)

    Sync.Crm.Readonly.Service_Appointment = true (Enabled, read-only sync for service appointments in Microsoft Dynamics CRM only.)

Applies to

  • Riva On-Premise or higher for Exchange.
  • Riva On Premise 2.4.36 or higher for IBM Notes-Domino.

Article ID: 353
Last updated: 20 Jun, 2018
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