Testing the Exchange Connection Account

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Last updated: 30 Mar, 2017

Before configuring the Riva connection to Exchange, confirm that the Riva connection account in Exchange meets the full access (or delegated access) permissions necessary to allow Riva impersonation access to the target user Exchange mailboxes.

There are two simple ways to determine whether the Riva connection account for Exchange meets the required "Impersonation" access to the mailboxes that will be synchronized:

If either test passes and permission errors are still being encountered when attempting impersonation, contact the Riva Success Team.

Testing by Using Windows with the Outlook Client

Always double-check and confirm that all Riva has been deployed correctly. For more information, see Get Started with Riva Cloud or Deploy Riva On-Premise for Exchange.

Note: This method is best for Windows users and any version of Exchange when needing to test delegate full access permissions. It is the best method for testing access if using Exchange 2003.

To test that the connection user account has the appropriate permissions:

  1. On a desktop with Outlook installed, create an Outlook profile for the connection user that will be used.

  2. On the Change Account window, under Server Settings, select More Settings.

  3. Select the Advanced tab.

  4. For each user mailbox to synchronize: In the Advanced tab, select Add.

  5. After creating the new profile, ensure that Prompt for a profile to be used is selected or that the new profile is selected from the drop-down list.

  6. After adding the mailboxes, open Outlook against the new Outlook profile.

    Note: If prompted for credentials, always provide those of the connection user.

    If all mailboxes are available to the profile, the delegate full access permissions are properly configured.

Testing by Using the Outlook Web Access Client

Always double-check and confirm that all Riva has been deployed correctly. For more information, see Get Started with Riva Cloud or Deploy Riva On-Premise for Exchange.


  • This method is ideal for non-Windows users and for Exchange 2007 and 2010 users who use delegate full access.
  • This method does not work for Exchange 2007 or 2010 if configured for "EWS Impersonation".

To test by using the Outlook Web Access client:

  1. In a supported web browser, log in to Outlook Web Access (OWA) as the Exchange connection account for Riva.

  2. From Outlook Web Access, open a mailbox of one of the target Exchange mailboxes for an account that will synchronize to the CRM through Riva.

    If you can successfully access a target mailbox, the connection account is configured correctly for mailbox full access permissions or delegate access permissions.

Tip: When using OWA, if delegate access is configured, multiple mailboxes can be accessed by placing the email address into the URL. Example:


If you have problems connecting to Exchange 2007 or 2010 when setting up the Riva connection, test the availability of Microsoft Exchange Web Services Connectivity.

Select this link to the Microsoft Exchange Remote Connectivity Analyzer, and select the option Synchronization, Notification, Availability, and OOF to ensure that the Riva connection account has proper access to Exchange Web Service.

Article ID: 348
Last updated: 30 Mar, 2017
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