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Riva: GroupWise for Active Directory Policies Not Executing

Article ID: 258
Last updated: 20 Dec, 2010


A customer reported that are seeing the following error each time they try to execute the "GroupWise for Active Directory" Riva policy:

Error occurred while executing policy: Invocation IDs do not match! Sync must be aborted as the source may have been restored from backup. A full synchronization is required.


The error in the log files indicates that Riva has detected that the invocation id on your Active Directory server has changed. This usually indicates that the server has been restored from a backup. When this happens, the state of the server does not necessarily match Riva's metadata, therefore it cannot be sure that it will detect all new changes. As a result, a full reinitialization is required.

How to Perform a Full Reinitialize:

To get Riva to resynchronize a "GroupWise for Active Directory" policy,  the transaction files associated with the policy need to be removed:
  1. If the Riva Identity Integration Service is running, open Windows Services (Start > Run > services.msc), locate and stop the Omni Riva Identity Integration service.
  2. Open the Riva application.
  3. Double-click the "Riva" logo (top left).  This will open a Riva details window.
  4. Double-click the revision information (top right).  This will open Windows explorer to the root of the Riva installation.
  5. Navigate to the \Riva\Transactions\Gw4Adir folder.
  6. If the error is happening to a single user, locate the folder for that user and rename the folder by appending a .backup to the folder name.
  7. If this error is happening on all your policies, you can cause all of them to be reinitialized by renaming the ...\Riva\Transactions\Gw4Adir to ...\Riva\Transactions\Gw4Adir.backup and each one will do a full re-synchronization next time they are executed.
  8. Perform a manual snchronization of the affected "GroupWise for Active Directory" policy or restart the Riva Identifty Integration service (as applicable).

This will force all links between the Active Directory accounts and corresponding eDirectory / GroupWise accounts to "re-link" and resynchronize.

Article ID: 258
Last updated: 20 Dec, 2010
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