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Riva Cloud 2024.2 Release Notes

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Last updated: 16 May, 2024

These release notes provide a quick overview of what is new in the following release:

Release version: 2024.2
Release date: May.17

What's New in Riva Cloud

Sales Engagement

New Features

  • Salesforce list view: Supporting Salesforce list view allows users to import contact/lead list in bulk or individually from Salesforce 
  • Salesforce Templates: This feature allows users to import Salesforce Templates and use it while sending Cadences or Email Burst


  • Zoom Integration Zoom integration allows users to use zoom extension while using bookings applications

  • Support Inline images Allows users to insert images in Email templates, Email Burst and Cadences.

  •     Auth flow: Ability to authenticate with Client credentials flow and auth code flow.

  • Cadences - Ability to create Cadences flow without any recipients and add later.
  • Enabled easy setup/configurations for clients for Booking applications within the admin settings in Booking portal.
  • Sales Engagement is available without any tracking for faster customer adoption.
  • Azure pre-consent – The script allows customers to grant pre- consent for Riva to access the necessary permissions for using the application.

What's New in Riva Sync

New Sync IP Addresses

  • Upgrades to the Riva Cloud infrastructure are being made for the US region fall of 2024.
  • The changes will result in a change of IP addresses that are used to sync with your CRM and Mail Server.
  • If your organization currently whitelists access to Riva Cloud for sync, the new IP addresses will need to be added to your whitelist.
  • A more precise date of the switchover to the new IP addresses will be provided as we get closer, however the new IP addresses can be whitelisted any time.
  • Reach out to Riva Success for the new IP addresses or fore more information.

New Re-Initialization Option

Developed a new Re-initialization option that will allow Riva to resync all appointments with unmatched email flag in certain time range.

  • General - Filtered Resync - Re-scan and force update CRM data for items matching specific filter criteria [Exchange only]
  • Currently only supports Calendar appointments Exchange -> CRM
  • Can be scheduled to run at a specific date/time, or scheduled at regular intervals as a maintenance job
  • How to configure
  • User Benefits: Calendar appointments which were skipped from syncing on an earlier sync, can now be synced to CRM allowing for calendar parity.
    • Only appointments that have the "unmatched flag" can by synced
    • Riva can only apply the "unmatched flag" to appointments created after these options are enabled on the policy

New Updates!

  • Salesforce Education Cloud Exchange EWS Support
    • Education Cloud (Formerly SSH) sync support for Exchange EWS
    • Sync support for new "Shift" object, recurring and single item
      • Configuration that works for Exchange EWS that will synchronize the Education Cloud Shift object to Advising Shift Appointments in Exchange EWS.
      • User benefits: User will have the ability to sync the new Shift object

Bug Fixes

  • Issue: On first sync for users, syncing email (*inbox and *sent items) noticed that Riva keeps on retrying after receiving the "server busy" error, the sync cycle is extended to 9 hours.
    • Fixed by adding the option to set the retry limit to 60 mins (adjustable)
  • Issue: Riva is updating the start date of the meeting to different times in different user's sync cycles in certain edge case scenarios
    • Fixed by minor code changes
  • Issue: The option Sync.Salesforce.CustomEventRelation.UseUsersContact is not implemented for Interaction sync
    • Updated code  Sync.Salesforce.CustomEventRelation.DisableUserRelation=False, then the field Status__c  gets updated correctly.
  • Issue: Multiple instances of error "Object Reference not set to an instance of an object"
    • Updated various areas of code to handle this error

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Last updated: 16 May, 2024
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