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Creating and using Cadences

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Last updated: 23 May, 2024


Riva's web experience offers a comprehensive solution for enhancing your meeting scheduling and engagement tracking. This guide provides insights into creating, viewing, editing cadences, and monitoring engagements. It highlights the flexibility in cadence creation, including the ability to add steps, follow-ups, and various integrations.

Only the Riva Insight Web Add-in supports Sales Engagement Features, if you're using the Windows Add-in - Contact our support team to upgrade


Key Features

Creating Cadences

Access Cadence

Step 1 - Create Cadence Flow

Cadence Type

Adding Email Template

Add Follow-up

Adding Phone Call Task or Other Task

Cadence Steps

Step View

Step 2 - Manage Recipients

Add recipients manually

Import from CSV

Import from Salesforce

Step 3 - Additional Options

Managing Cadences

Key Features

Cadence Creation

  • Customization: Incorporate booking links, CRM merge fields, and HTML formats, or use AI to generate cadences.
  • Multiple Steps: Add multiple email steps to your cadence for a structured communication flow.
  • Follow-ups: Implement follow-up steps to maintain engagement.
  • Adding recipients: Manually add recipients, import via CSV, or integrate with Salesforce for targeted communication.

Cadence Engagement

  • Email Interaction Monitoring: Track how recipients interact with your email cadences, gaining insights into their effectiveness.
  • Engagement Metrics: Monitor open rates, click rates, and response rates to understand audience engagement and refine your strategies.
  • Customizable Tracking: Tailor tracking settings to align with your objectives, ensuring your cadences are as effective as possible.

Creating Cadences

Access Cadences

To Access Cadences: Navigate to Cadences on the left-hand menu bar > + Create Cadence within the Riva platform.

Step 1 - Create Cadence Flow

Once you have started your Cadences, you can plan your communication sequence, add booking links, CRM merge fields, and use AI for content generation.

Select Cadence Type

There are three different types of Cadences:

  1. Automated Email - This starts a cadence where emails are automatically delivered
  2. Phone Call Task - This starts a cadence which creates a task to make a phone call
  3. Other Task - This starts a cadence that will create a task to act other than an automated email or phone call

Subject title

Add your preferred subject. 

Cadence Body

Add and format the Cadence body as needed, keep in mind that image attachments are not supported, you can however use inline images. 

Adding Email Template

If an option is missing or not available, ensure you are licensed to access this feature: Contact our Support Team

You also have the option of using a template from a previously created Automated Email step. This will insert the template details into the cadence step email body.

Once you have either used a template to populate the Email Body or created your own new body, indicate when you want this cadence to occur. Select how many days after and the time from when the recipient was added.

Add Follow-up

Once a step has been created as an Automated Email in the cadence, you can add follow-ups which are triggered based on certain conditions:

Follow-ups are much the same as they are in the original step, except for an additional option to send the Follow-up as a new email thread.

Once you have created your first cadence step you can add additional steps. For more information please see the section on Cadence Steps

Adding Phone Call Task or Other Task

Adding a Phone Call Task or Other Task step has similar options to an Automated Email; however, you will notice there is no option to use templates.

Once you have added the step's Title and Description, you can also indicate a priority when this step is due.

There is also a checkbox to determine if the recipient should only be moved forward in your process when the task is "Completed".  Alternatively, you can also choose to remove the recipient based on the outcome of the set task.

Cadence Steps

After completing a single cadence step, you can add multiple steps until the planned sequence is complete. Also, notice you have the option of adding and editing Follow-ups for each previously created step.

To do this select Add New Step: Click +New Step to create additional email steps.

Once a cadence is saved, you can not go back and add steps or follow-ups. To make adjustments to the flow, first clone the existing cadence and then you can add additional steps. 

Step View

As you add steps you will see them listed in the order of when they are to occur. You will also notice that only Automated Emails have Follow-ups. Phone Call Tasks or Other Tasks do not include an option for a Follow-up.

Once you have included all of the steps in your Cadence, you can select Next. 

Note: You can come back to both edit and add additional steps.

Step 2 - Manage Recipients

Select your target audience, add recipients manually, or import via CSV or Salesforce.

Salesforce integration needs to be enabled before it will be an available option

Adding Recipients

  • Manually:
    1. Click +Add Manually.
    2. Input contact details.
    3. Click Add Recipient.

Note: For Salesforce integration, edit the recipient details and click Save to Salesforce.

Import by CSV:

  • Click Import by CSV.
  • If necessary, indicate the recipient's Owner
  • Upload a CSV file with contacts organized as First Name, Last Name, Email, and Phone.

Note: The first Row needs to include the following headers. 

First Name Last Name Email Phone Number (Optional - if you plan to utilize calls)

Import from Salesforce:

  1. Select a field in the dropdown menu to base your search.
  2. Chose if the search is based on a Contact, a Lead, or both a Contact and a Lead
  3. Begin typing in the search bar to find specific Salesforce contacts.

Once your contact or contacts are added, click on Next.

Step 3 - Additional Options

  • Cadence Customization: Tailor your cadence's name and settings to fit your specific needs.
  • Settings Include:
    • Excluding recipients based on certain criteria like engagement or response.
    • Tracking email engagement for insights into open rates, click-throughs, and responses.

Once you are satisfied with your Cadence, click on Publish.

Managing Cadences

Once you have published your Cadence you will be able to track the progress and analytics of each of your Cadences or create a new Cadence.

From the main dashboard, you can also drill deeper into an individual Cadence to see specific details relating to each Step of your Cadence. As well you can also Edit, Add Recipients, Clone, Pause, or Delete a Cadence from the details screen.

Article ID: 2522
Last updated: 23 May, 2024
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