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Riva Cloud 2023.3 Release Notes

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Last updated: 01 Aug, 2023

These release notes provide a quick overview of what is new in the following release:

Release version: 2023.3
Release date: Aug 23, 2023

What's New in Riva Cloud

  • Original Metrics Dashboard
  • Bug Fixes
  • Microsoft Graph
  • Architectural Changes

Original Metrics Dashboard

In this latest release, we made a decision to revert the metrics page to the original dashboard. We understand that the newer dashboard introduced in the 2022.5 release did not align with our customer expectations and caused significant inconvenience. As a result, we are reverting to the original state to ensure a seamless and familiar user experience.

For more information or questions, please get in touch with our Riva Support team.

Bug Fixes

Minor Bug Fixes

  • Resolved poll changes error on emails
  • Resolved issue with previous folder ID conflict
  • Resolved issue with Error in query syntax
  • Resolved issue with Fiddler Trace on connection
  • Optimized the Graph connection create flow


  • Optimized how Riva handles unassigned queries
  • Improved handling of Salesforce queries

Microsoft Graph

  • Riva has been closely following the updates being made for Microsoft Graph and would like to understand your needs to further build and support Graph connection for our customers. 
  • If this is something that interests you, please reach out to get started. 

Architectural Changes

Most of the improvements made in this version are architectural changes that will be used in future releases to support new features.

Article ID: 2425
Last updated: 01 Aug, 2023
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