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Link Directly to Your CRM Record Create Pages

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Last updated: 07 Jun, 2022

Now you can have links to take you directly to your record create pages within your CRM, right from Insight.

  • Background
    • Riva Insight supports adding records into CRM through a simple, customozable create form.
    • The forms may not meet customer needs for complex types, rules, and validation.
    • Now, you can configure Riva insight to directly open your CRM edit page, and update your records directly within your CRM.
  • Requirements
    • Riva Insight Cloud or Riva Insight On-Premise 2022.2 (or later)
    • A CRM that supports direct links to 'create' or 'edit' pages
  • Riva Insight Cloud Configuration
    • Reach out to the Riva Success Team, and provide the following information:
      • Your CRM Base URL
      • They types of modules you want enabled to add records using your CRM create pages.
      • The URL for your CRM create pages for each module.
  • Riva Insight OnPremise Configuration (InsightConfiguration.xml)
    • Add a key to set your CRM Base URL (replacing value with your CRM base url).
      • I.E. <add key="Insight.CRM.BaseURL" value="https://myurl.lightning.force.com" />
    • For each CRM module that you want to link to your CRM, add a key for each of the modules you want to use a direct link to your CRM.
      • Riva Insight Supports Organization (Account), Email, Task, Opportunity, Contact, and Lead
      • Additional modules can be used, by specying Custom1 to Custom10 for the module
        • You can set enable the Custom Modules and set the labels through the Insight Admin UI under "General" > "CRM Modules Config"
    • For Accounts and Leads, you can pass in #Email# which will populate the email for unmatched contacts
    • Include #CRMBaseUrl# to automatically replaced the value with the base url you set up.  You may also explicitly set the URL in the key.
    • Examples:
      • <add key="Insight.Editor.Create.Override.Contact" value="#CRMBaseUrl#/lightning/o/Contact/new?defaultFieldValues=Email=#Email#" />
      • <add key="Insight.Editor.Create.Override.Opportunity" value="https://myurl.lightning.force.com/lightning/o/Opportunity/new" />
      • <add key="Insight.Editor.Create.Override.Custom1" value="#CRMBaseUrl#/lightning/o/Case/new" />
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Article ID: 2330
Last updated: 07 Jun, 2022
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