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What's New With the Riva Cloud UI?

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Last updated: 11 Apr, 2022

Cloud has a new look!

In the 2022.1 version release (Jan. 18) of Riva Cloud, we have improved the user experience of the Riva Cloud website by consolidating all the menu options into the left navigation bar and improving the overall appearance of the navigation. This is a change from our previous top-down menu bar, which we will outline the latest changes below.

New Updates:

UI Changes

Previously in Cloud versions before 2022.1, the navigation had a top-down design with certain menu options only accessible through another page. In the new design, we have a side navigation that will display all of the available menu selection in one place. The menu options shown are clickable and will navigate the user to a new page. Certain menu options displaying a downward arrow will provide a dropdown of more options to access.

Before Cloud 2022.1 - Old Navigation Design

Cloud 2022.1 - New Navigation Design

Profile Navigation Changes

The profile icon, bell icon and the navigation have a more condensed and refined appearance. The profile navigation will have the same user behaviour by displaying the impersonation mode. The changes that were made:

  • The user's name and email address is displayed in the profile navigation bar
  • All links except for Logout are removed from the menu due to it being accessible in the main navigation under Manage Account. The change can be accessed here.

Before Cloud 2022.1 - Old Profile Navigation


Cloud 2022.1 - New Profile Navigation

Account Menu Changes

The sub-menu options for My Account, Security and Billing Details was previously only accessible when a user navigated to the My Account page. The options are now accessible from the main side navigation under Manage Account and Security.

Before Cloud 2022.1 - Old Account Sub-Menu


Cloud 2022.1 - Account in Main Navigation

Categories and Label Changes

There are a few differences between the old navigation and the new navigation:

  1. Dashboard is changed to Connections and is accessible under the Synchronization category
  2. Sync Logs is accessible under the Synchronization category
  3. My Account is changed to Manage Account
  4. Metrics is accessible under the Synchronization category
  5. Help is changed to Knowledge Base

Article ID: 2287
Last updated: 11 Apr, 2022
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