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Riva Insight Delayed Send - Admin Guide

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Last updated: 02 Dec, 2021

Step 1: Add Delayed Send option to Riva Insight

  1. Navigate to Admin Settings in Riva Insight.
  2. Under Mail Modules -> Modules -> Email, there should be an item called "DeferredSendandTrackTime"
    1. Drag it in from the unassigned section to the assigned section. Where you drag the item to will effect where the item will display in Insight. For example, if "deferredSendandTrackTime" was the last item in the "assigned" section, it will show up at the bottom of the track view (recommended).

    2. Click Save
    3. Now, the Delayed Send feature will be available for your organization's Insight users.

Step 2: Disabling & Uninstalling Delayed Send

  • If you just want to hide this feature from other Insight users in your organization, in the admin UI, drag "DeferredSendandTrackTime" from assigned section to unassigned section
  • If you want to completely delete this feature from Insight, please reach out to our support team (contact the Riva Success Team). 

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Article ID: 2259
Last updated: 02 Dec, 2021
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