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Edge Chromium (WebView2) Support for the Riva Insight Windows Add-In

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Last updated: 26 May, 2022

The Riva Insight Windows add-in 2021.4 now supports Edge Chromium (WebView2) as the embedded web browser.

  • With support ending for Internet Explorer, it is highly recommended to use the latest version of the Windows Add-in (at a minimum version 2021.4), and ensuring your machines meet the Web Browser Requirements
  • WebView2 is highly recommended for any customer using Riva Insight's Login with Salesforce.

Web Browser Requirements:

  • Edge Chromium WebView2
    • the WebView2 runtime needs to be installed separately, even if the Edge Chromium web browser is installed on the machine.
    • the WebView2 runtime is automatically installed with most Microsoft 365 subscriptions
    • if the WebView2 runtime is not installed, or has been removed, it can be downloaded from Microsoft and installed

Insight Requirements:

  • Riva Insight Windows Add-in version 2021.4 or higher.
  • One of the follow versions of Riva Insight Server
    • 2021.4 or higher; 
    • 2021.3 build 79884 or higher
    • 2021.2 build 79885 or higher


  • If the Edge Chromium WebView2 requirements are met:
    • the Riva Insight Windows Add-in automatically uses WebView2 (Edge Chromium) as the embedded web browser.
  • If the Edge Chromium WebView2 requirements are not met:
    • the Windows Add-in continues to use the legacy embedded web browser (Internet Explorer).
    • you may experience compatibility issues
    • only Edge Chromium WebView2 will be supported past 2022

To force the Windows Add-in to use Internet Explorer on WebView2 (Chromium) supported environments

While not recommended, it is possible to force the Windows Add-in to still use Internet Explorer.

  • Edit the registry (regedit.exe), and add the following String Value:
    • Type: String Value (REG_SZ)
    • Name: WebBrowser.Engine
    • Value (Data): IE

  • If the Windows Add-in is centrally deployed, the setting can be applied through your deployment services software

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Article ID: 2253
Last updated: 26 May, 2022
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