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How to Migrate an On-Premise Riva Insight Server Manually

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Last updated: 28 Mar, 2022

Applies to Riva Insight Server On-Premise.

Table of Contents:

  1. Prepare the existing Insight server folder.
  2. Copy the Insight folder to the new server.
  3. Install the new Insight server (as a new Insight setup).
  4. Update the file paths in Insight (if different from the default installation).

Step 1: Prepare the Existing Insight Server Folder

  1. Create a full backup of the source Riva Insight folder structure, for example RivaInsight-2021.07.10-Backup.zip.

  2. In the IIS server, stop all the services.

  3. Remove any backup copies of folders under Riva Insight that were made earlier, for example: Riva Insight\Configuration.bak or Riva Insight\Copy - Configuration\.


Step 2: Copy the Insight Folder to the New Server

  1. On the target Windows system, in the IIS server, stop all the services.

  2. Create the desired Riva Insight folder structure on a local drive. Mapped network drives cannot be used. Examples of valid folder structures:

    c:\Riva\Riva Insight\ (default)
    c:\Riva Insight\
    d:\Riva Insight\ (Example for secondary volume.)

  3. Copy the RivaInsightBackup.zip file from the source Windows host to the target Windows host, and extract it into the Riva Insight folder created at step 2.

  4. In Windows Explorer, navigate to \Riva Insight\Logs, and remove all log files that are more than six days old.

Step 3: Install the New Server

  1. Ensure that the new server meets the requirements for Riva Insight.
  2. Prepare the IIS Server:
    1. IIS Configuration - Application Pools
      • Create Application Pools
      • Application Pool – Advanced Settings
    2. IIS Configuration – Website
      • Add “Riva Insight” Website
      • Unlock Authentication Configurations Sections
      • Convert “Insight” and “WebAPI” Folders to Web Applications
      • Convert “WebAPI” Subfolders to Web Applications
      • Convert “Insight” Auth Subfolders to Web Applications
      • Generate Machine Key for “Insight” Web Application
    3. Folder Permissions
    4. WebAPI Application Configuration
      • Configuration Settings
      • Verify WebAPI Service
    5. Insight Application Configuration
      • Connection Settings
      • Authentication Mode
      • Logs
      • Verify Insight Application

  3. Configure a state server.
  4. In the IIS server, start all the services.

Step 4: Update the File Paths in Insight (if different from the default installation)

If Riva Insight is installed in a location other than the default of C:\Riva\Riva Insight\, follow these steps to update the path references.

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Article ID: 2245
Last updated: 28 Mar, 2022
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