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Classification Prompt, by Riva: Overview

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Last updated: 13 Sep, 2021
Classification Prompt is an email and meeting security tool. It can be configured to require Riva Insight users to set a classification every time they
  • send or receive an email and/or
  • organize a meeting or accept a meeting organized by someone outside your organization.
This article is the overview of Classification Prompt.

When configured to force users to set a classification for every email and/or meeting, Classification Prompt goes a long way to protect email and/or meeting details and follow security compliance requirements.

When security requirements are less stringent, the Prompt can be configured to remind, but not require, the user to set a privacy level.


Requirements and Limitations

Minimum Requirements:

  • Riva Insight Server 2021.3.
  • Riva Insight Outlook Windows add-in 2021.3, if you use that add-in.
  • Riva Sync 2021.2 or Riva Cloud 2021.2.

Limitations: The Prompt does not support

  • Recurring meetings.
  • Meetings or emails created from mobile devices.

Sample Screen Shots of Different Prompt Settings

Sample of a strict prompt for a meeting

The first sample screen shot displays a Strict Prompt for a meeting, using Riva's Configurable Security Layer. The prompt has three buttons, one per privacy level: Shared, Sensitive, and Restricted.

When clicking any of those buttons, the organizer sets the meeting to that privacy level, and the invitation is sent. The only other button the organizer can click is Cancel, which prevents the invitation from being sent. In this strict Prompt, the organizer is required to set a privacy level before the invitation is sent. During the next sync cycle, the meeting will be synced to the CRM. The synced meeting will be visible only to the people permitted to see it by the privacy level.

Sample of a warn prompt used when sending an email

The second sample screen shot displays the Warn Prompt that appears when a user clicks Send to send an email. In this prompt, clicking

  • Don't sync sends the email without syncing it to the CRM.
  • Sync sends the email and syncs it to the CRM during the next sync cycle;
  • Cancel returns the user to the email to continue working on it.
  • Send Anyway sends the email even though no privacy level was selected. Whether an email syncs or does not sync to the CRM depends on the default privacy level that has been set. We recommend setting the default privacy level to Sensitive or Restricted to prevent the sync when no privacy level is deliberately set.

Configuring Classification Prompt

To configure Classification Prompt:

  1. Recommended: Review some Classification Prompt use cases.

  2. Decide what you want for the emails Prompt, the meetings Prompt, or both:

    • Set a category or a privacy level.
    • Strict or Warn prompt.
    • Title of the Prompt dialog box;
    • General description just below the title;
    • How many categories or privacy levels to choose from: one, two, or three.
    • The name and description that you want the Prompt to display for each category or privacy level.
  3. Contact the Riva Success Team.

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Article ID: 2165
Last updated: 13 Sep, 2021
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