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Convert an Exchange Online Connection to OAuth for Riva Cloud

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Last updated: 13 Oct, 2020

Microsoft has plans to stop supporting password-based authentication to Exchange Online during the second half of 2021. OAuth will be required. For more information, see Exchange Online: Basic authentication and modern authentication.

Riva Cloud is ready. Even right now, you can convert an existing Exchange Online connection to an Office 365 OAuth connection.

To convert an Exchange Online connection to use modern authentication (OAuth):

  1. Log in to Riva Cloud.

  2. On the Dashboard, on the Exchange Online connection, select Edit.

  3. On the Exchange Connection page, select Switch to Modern Authentication.

  4. Sign in to your Riva-related Microsoft account.

    Result: From now on, Riva Cloud will use an OAuth connection to Office 365 instead of a password-based connection to Exchange Online.

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Article ID: 2149
Last updated: 13 Oct, 2020
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