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Riva Insight URLs to Obtain the Outlook Web Add-in From

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Last updated: 16 Mar, 2020


use one of the following URLs:

  • For Riva Insight Cloud:
    • Canadian Data Centre: https://www-ca.rivainsight.com/live/addins/RivaInsightAddinInsights
    • North American Data Centre: https://www-us.rivainsight.com/live/addins/RivaInsightAddinInsights
    • Australian Data Centre: https://www-au.rivainsight.com/live/addins/RivaInsightAddinInsights
    • European Data Centre: https://www-eu.rivainsight.com/live/addins/RivaInsightAddinInsights
  • For Riva Insight On-Premise, server 2018.2 or higher:
    • [Riva Insight's URL]/addins/RivaInsightAddinInsights
      where [Riva Insight's URL] represents the URL to Riva Insight within your environment.

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Article ID: 1999
Last updated: 16 Mar, 2020
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