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Riva On-Premise 2.4.56 Release Notes

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Last updated: 30 Aug, 2019

These release notes provide a quick overview of what is new in the following release:

Release version:
Release date: 2019.08.29
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What's New in This Release

Learn more about the latest features and user experience improvements for Riva On-Premise.

Platform Updates

  • Support for Chromium has been added.

CRM-Specific Updates


  • Attachment sync improvements:
    • New! Ability to sync the removal of attachments from Exchange to Salesforce.
    • Enhancement: An attachment update is now a true update instead of a deletion followed by a creation.

  • Enhanced support for custom objects:
    The Salesforce connection now supports up to, and including, ten custom objects. The maximum used to be five.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

  • New! Ability to create custom activity relations for Dynamics CRM appointments:
    Not supported for phone calls or service appointments.
    Meetings can be synced to Dynamics CRM standard meetings with custom objects representing activity relations.

Email-Specific Updates

Office 365 and Exchange

  • New! Ability to sync the removal of attachments from Exchange to Salesforce.

  • Enhanced support for custom calendar objects:
    An Office 365 or Exchange connection now supports up to, and including, ten custom calendar objects.

New Synchronization Features

  • New! Intelligent contact creation:
    • If intelligent contact creation is enabled, Riva's Recommendation Engine starts evaluating the relevance of any email address (in an email or calendar item) that cannot be matched to a contact in the CRM.
    • If and when the unmatched email address reaches a relevance threshold, the Engine uses the email address to create a contact in the CRM.
    • If the created contact is related to an account that is not found in the CRM, the account is also created.
    How it works: In the sync policy, a sensitivity level — low, medium, or high — is configured. The higher the sensitivity, the more relevance an unmatched email address must have before being created as a contact in the CRM. The lower the sensitivity, the less relevance an email address requires before a contact is created in the CRM.
    UI: The sensitivity level is configured on a new page in the sync policy: the Recommendations page.
    • The term "sensitivity" is used in the sense of a true positive rate. The higher the rate, the fewer false positives occur; in other words, the fewer undesirable unmatched email addresses are created as contacts in the CRM.
    • When both types of contact creation are enabled, the intelligent contact creation of relevant unmatched email addresses overrides the automatic contact creation of all unmatched email addresses.

  • New! Ability to enable or disable email hashing for users only:
    Background: It has been possible since Riva 2.4.40 to enable or disable the hash of the sync metadata for both contacts and user names.
    Now, it is possible to hash only the contacts or only the user names.

Fixed Defect

  • Fix regarding supplementary sync cycles:
    • The UCD feature optimizes the sync cycles by allowing a central notification mechanism to handle monitoring for changes on behalf of all users.
    • With UCD enabled, a supplementary cycle runs to sync any modules not monitored by UCD.
    Issue: If a sync was attempted for an item but failed for any reason, it was not retried until the next full sync was triggered.
    Solution: Now, the supplementary cycles will also re-attempt syncing previously failed items following the normal error retry handling rules.

Article ID: 1946
Last updated: 30 Aug, 2019
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