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Riva On-Premise 2.4.55 Release Notes (2019.June.28)

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Last updated: 03 Jul, 2019

These release notes provide a quick overview of what is new in the following release:

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Release date: 2019.June.28
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What's New in This Release

Learn more about the latest features and user experience improvements for Riva On-Premise.

Updated Requirement for .NET

The software requirement for .NET has been increased from Microsoft .NET 4.5 to Microsoft .NET 4.5.2.

Email-Specific Updates

Office 365 and Exchange

IBM Notes

  • Improved logging and error handling for timezone error:
    Fixed defect: When an IBM Notes item had an invalid time zone, the entire sync cycle was stopped. An error was logged, but the item ID was not mentioned in the error.
    Now, it is only for that item that the sync is skipped. The other items are synced (if no errors apply to them). The item ID of the skipped item is logged so that a correction can be made to the item's time zone.


New Connection Test

  • List Mailbox Folders:
    (Applies to Exchange, IBM Notes, and Google connections.)
    The new test displays the email system's folder view, which facilitates verifying if a Riva folder is missing.
    The test is found with the other advanced tests on the Test page of the email system connection.

New Sync Features

  • Priority sync:
    It is now possible to configure a set of users in a policy to sync before the other users.
    Requirement: The Riva server must have enough resources to support one or more separate threads, in addition to the maximum number of execution threads configured at the policy level.
    It is the additional separate threads that sync the priority users before the other users.
    Selecting the priority users and specifying the number of additional threads is done in the sync policy, on the Connection Options page, under Priority Sync.

  • Scalability performance improvement for dynamic connection groups:
    (Supported for Office 365, Exchange, and Google.)
    Background: A dynamic connection group is used by organizations that want each syncing user to use a separate, individual OAuth connection to the email system — without having to create the individual connections one by one.
    Scaling up to multiple dynamic groups: A performance improvement is available for organizations that are using or intend using multiple dynamic connection groups. A "parent link" speeds up considerably the loading of the individual connections in a given connection group in a given sync cycle, unless the total number of individual end-user connections is very small.
    How it works:
    • In Riva 2.4.55 or higher, the new Require parent link on child connections check box is selected by default for new connection groups, and your organization will benefit from the performance improvement if you create multiple connection groups.
    • For dynamic connection groups created in Riva 2.4.54 or earlier, the check box is cleared by default, but some work is required before you can select it. (Selecting it without due preparation would break the sync, but as soon as you clear the check box, the sync would work again until you have prepared for selecting the check box.) Yes, the requirement is non-trivial, but the long-term performance improvement would be worth it.
    If you are using or planning to use multiple dynamic connection groups, contact the Riva Success Team.

User Experience Enhancements for Admins

  • New for the Restore deleted items re-init option. More intuitive way to set the advanced options that are required for Restore deleted items:
    Previously, the advanced options for Restore deleted items had to be copied and pasted manually on the Advanced Options page of the sync policy.
    Now, after Restore deleted items is selected, one click brings up a window to select the advanced options from. See Restore deleted Exchange items and uncancel Exchange calendar items in Riva 2.4.55.

Article ID: 1882
Last updated: 03 Jul, 2019
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