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Riva Insight Windows Add-in for Outlook, Version 1.26: Release Notes

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Last updated: 21 Feb, 2019
Release date: Jan. 7, 2019
Riva Insight (Cloud version) is available as a free 15-day trial.

Which Riva Insight client version do I have?

Client Version Numbering Change

The previous version was 1.1.25 and this one is 1.26. Going forward, the version numbers will be 1.27, 1.28, etc.

In the updated numbering scheme,

  • The initial 1 has no current meaning.
  • 26, 27, 28, etc. are the major version numbers of the Riva Insight Windows add-in for Outlook.
  • A minor version number may be appended, as in for example 1.28.3. There may be a few minor versions per major version, and some of them may be used only internally. Only the last minor version is guaranteed to be made available to Riva Insight users.

The release notes document the changes made at the major version level, including all the minor versions indiscriminately.

Riva Insight Windows Add-in for Outlook, Client Version 1.26

For both the Insight panel and Track in CRM:

  • Ability to hide the Insight Panel and Track in CRM buttons in a user's Outlook until the user's initial sync has occurred:
    If configured to do so, then upon loading, the Riva Insight add-in verifies if the Outlook user has synced. If not, the Insight Panel and Track in CRM buttons are hidden in Outlook until the first sync has occurred.
    To configure the add-in to hide the buttons until the user's first sync:
    • Add and set the following registry key manually or by means of a group policy update:
      Under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Omni, add the key DisableIfNoSyncConfig and set it to true.

  • https://www-us.rivainsight.com/live/ is the new default URL for Riva Insight:
    If the requirements are met, https://www-us.rivainsight.com/live/ replaces https://www.rivacloud.com/insight/.
    • There is no 'InsightUrl' set on the policy. (To remove InsightUrl from the policy, remove config and stop the sync.)
    • There are no InsightUrl keys in the Registry.
    • For AU and EU, the new defaults are respectively https://www-au.rivainsight.com/live/ and https://www-eu.rivainsight.com/live/

  • More information on the About tab of the Settings page:
    Requirement: Riva Insight server 2019.1 or higher.
    Clarification: The Client Version field is now called Insight Client.
    More information: There is a new field: Mail Client: For some platforms, hovering over the info button next to Mail Client displays information in a popup. The displayed information varies depending on the platform.
    • Mail client version.
    • Mail server version.
    • OS bits:
    • Process bits:
    • .NET versions.
  • Ability to skip navigation errors when loading a page from within the add-in:
    By default, if any resource type, like an image or an iframe, cannot be loaded in Riva Insight, an error page is displayed.
    To load the page as well as possible without displaying an error message, set the following registry key to true:
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Omni\SkipNavigateErrors (string) SkipNavigateErrors

  • Fixed defects:
    • A security warning was issued in Outlook after installing Riva Insight or 1.1.25.
      "A program [in this case, Riva Insight] is trying to access email address information stored in Outlook. If this is unexpected [which, in the case of Riva Insight, was not unexpected], click Deny".
      For the warning to be issued, Outlook had to be configured as follows by someone logged in as an administrator:
      1. Navigate as follows: File > Options > Trust Center > Trust Center Settings > Programmatic Access.
      2. Select the check box Always warn me about suspicious activities.
      3. Select OK to close all the windows.
      In accordance with Microsoft information, Riva Insight was recoded to access the information without triggering the warning.
    • The following Windows Installer error message is now being prevented.
      Error message: "Another version of this product is already installed."
      Now, it is possible to install a major version of Riva Insight without having to uninstall a previous version first.
      Note that in this version, the Client version numbering scheme has changed.

For the Insight panel only:

  • Ability to view the selected email's Salesforce title, date, and time:
    For a selected email that has already been synced to Salesforce, the Insight panel can now be configured to display its Salesforce title, date, and time above the account and contact information.
    • Salesforce.
    • Riva Insight server 2019.1 or higher.
    • For Riva Insight On-Premise: Riva Sync On-Premise or higher.
    Limitation: If Salesforce is not configured to use the enhanced email feature, Riva Insight cannot display the time.
    To request this feature, contact the Riva Success Team.

For Track in CRM only:

  • Performance improvement:
    Issue: In Outlook 2010 or earlier, when Track in CRM was installed, it could take up to 30 seconds to load the right-click menu of a selected email.
    Solution: The Track in CRM right-click menu item has been removed.
    Result: Now, the right-click menu loads instantly, as expected.
    Tip: To track the email in CRM, use the Track in CRM button at the top of the email.
    Note: The Track in CRM right-click menu option was already unavailable in Office 365 or more recent versions of Outlook.

  • The date and time of a tracking request are recorded:
    When a user selects Track to initiate the tracking of an email to CRM, the date and time of the user's action are recorded in a property on the mail item.
    That property is used by the Riva Insight server 2019.1 or higher to display the Track and the Lock statuses of the email in Track in CRM.

  • Ability to configure an email selected for tracking to be copied for processing (instead of being moved):
    By default, in Track in CRM, when a user selects an email for tracking in CRM and selects Track, the email is moved to the email client's Create New Email folder for processing. After being synced (= actually tracked) to the CRM, the email is returned to its original folder.
    Now, it is possible to configure Riva to proceed as follows:
    • the email selected for tracking is copied to the Create New Email folder, and after being synced to the CRM, the copy is deleted.
    • The original email remains in its original location throughout the process.

    Known Issue: If Riva is configured to copy the email instead of moving it and a user manually moves an email to the Create New Email folder, then after processing, the email is deleted and cannot be recovered. — This defect shall be addressed in version 1.29.

    To configure Track in CRM to copy the to-be-tracked email and delete the copy after processing:
    • For Riva Cloud: Edit the policy. On the Email Smart Convert tab, under Processing Rules, select this check box: "Delete item upon successful processing, instead of returning to folder". — If you have no access to the sync policy, contact the Riva Success Team.
    • For Riva On-Premise: Edit the policy. On the Smart Convert tab, under Options, select this check box: "Delete item upon successful processing, instead of returning to folder".

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