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Riva Cloud 2018.6 Release Notes

Article ID: 1795
Last updated: 30 Oct, 2018

The Riva Cloud release notes list the benefits of this release:

Release version: 2018.6
Release date: August 7, 2018
Latest hotfix: August 22, 2018

Benefits of this Release

Audit summary:

  • The Riva Cloud audit summary lists security events, configuration adjustments, and/or subscription changes for up to six months ago.
    From the summary, you can drill down to the complete details and/or export the full logs to a .CSV file.
    For more information, see Security, configuration, and subscriptions audit summary.

Support for the NetSuite Application ID:

  • The Application ID is required for logging in to NetSuite 2018.2 or higher. A new field, Application ID, now appears in the Riva NetSuite connection wizard and the Riva NetSuite connection edit window. For information on finding or generating an Application ID, see NetSuite Application ID: How to find or generate it.

Article ID: 1795
Last updated: 30 Oct, 2018
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