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Implications of Choosing a Riva Cloud "Data Residency" Region

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Last updated: 03 Apr, 2019

Where is your synchronization taking place?

Riva Cloud is available to customers globally, but your data shouldn’t be. With transparency and data residency in mind, Riva provides specific local regional data center availability.

Regional availability

Riva Cloud offers multi-tenant and dedicated instance (single-tenant) deployment models.

The following regions are available for Riva Cloud multi-tenant and single-tenant customers:

Major Area Name Region
United States USE1 AWS – United States, North Virginia
Europe EUW1 AWS – Europe, Ireland
Canada CAN1 AWS – Canada, Montreal
Australia AUS1 AWS – Australia, Sydney

The following regional data centers are available to customers with specific dedicated instance (single-tenant) requirements:

Major Area Region
United States AWS – United States, Oregon
Europe AWS – Europe, Berlin
Japan AWS – Asia, Tokyo

Note: For other regions, contact your account manager or the Success Team.

Why select a region?

The geographic location of your Riva Cloud implementation affects data residency — allowing you to comply with data residency and related compliance regulations. Local data residency also improves data flow patterns and data latency.

Data residency

Riva Cloud multi-tenant and single-tenant implementations provide geographic data residency, business continuity, and disaster recovery.

To maintain reliability and high availability, service data is replicated in at least two geographically distinct locations in the selected region. Service data will be replicated only in your selected region. Service data includes connection details, synchronization policies, metadata and synchronization log history. Backups and instance snapshots are also stored in the same region.

Interested in finding out what information Riva stores? For details, read the Trust article.

Consistent experience

Riva’s web sites, services, and synchronization technology are designed to provide a consistent experience independent of the data residency location.

Performance, international availability, and support availability are not determined by your geographic location or data center locations. Riva’s continued investments in its global cloud network, global cloud infrastructure, and services architecture help provide users with a singular, consistent experience regardless of your data region.

Secure and compliance-driven

Riva has robust policies, controls, and systems to keep your data safe and help you comply with the regulations affecting you. The use of encryption is extensive — whether data is in transit or at rest, Riva has you covered.

All data centers undergo multiple third-party external penetration tests to satisfy enterprise grade security and privacy requirements.

Can the current region be changed?

After a data center is selected during the registration process, there is no customer-driven option to undo or change. If data residency needs to change, contact the Riva Success Team.

When new data centers are announced, customers with billing addresses local to the new region will be advised they have a one-time, 90-day window to request a free migration.

Services required to migrate to a new data center, a Riva Cloud dedicated instance, or a Riva On-Premise instance will be provided as a paid professional service available by contacting the Success Team.

Access to Riva Support or Development Teams

Riva technical support and development teams are located in Canada.

Riva team members have signed explicit confidentiality agreements and complete strict annual criminal background checks.

Article ID: 1782
Last updated: 03 Apr, 2019
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