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Sugar: Switching from SOAP to REST? Adjust the Riva Sync

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Last updated: 26 Nov, 2018

In Riva 2.4.46 or higher, REST connections to Sugar REST are supported.

The Riva sync with Sugar does not require switching from SOAP to REST. Connections created for Sugar 6 or earlier are still supported, and it is still possible to create them.

If the switch to REST is made, follow these instructions.

To sync with Riva after switching the Sugar connection from SOAP to REST:

  1. Ensure that Riva 2.4.46 or higher is installed. If you are unsure, determine which version is installed.

  2. If various custom connection settings are used on the SOAP-based connection, back them up.

  3. Create and test a REST-based Sugar 7+ connection.

  4. Re-license Riva to use the REST-based connection:

    1. While requesting a new Riva license file, in the Comments area describe that the license request is for a "Replacement license request after switching from Sugar SOAP to Sugar REST."

    2. After receiving a new license by email, activate it.

  5. If the SOAP-based connection used custom connection settings, ask the Customer Engagement Team to review them or update them for you.

    • Advanced options and custom options that worked for a SOAP-based connection may be unnecessary or detrimental if used in a REST-based connection.

      • In particular, the following advanced options for Sugar SOAP tasks, appointments, and phone calls are not used in REST-based connections:

        • Sync.Sugar.SetContactAttendeesToContactLinks
        • Sync.Sugar.OnlySetRelatedToContactToContactLinks
        • Sync.Sugar.FetchTaskContactIdEnabled

        Those three advanced options have been replaced with this one:

        • Sync.Sdk.SetPrimaryContactsAsContactLink
    • Custom filters and directives that worked for a SOAP-based connection need to be modified to work for a REST-based connection.

    • The Custom folder backup that you made at step 2 will be examined by the Customer Engagement Team.

  6. In every applicable policy, replace the SOAP-based connection with the REST-based connection.

    1. In the Riva Manager application, on the menu bar, select Policies.

    2. In the right pane, double-click a sync policy that uses the SOAP-based connection.

    3. In the Edit CRM Synchronization Policy window that appears, on the General page, to the right of the CRM Connection field, click Select.

    4. Select the new, REST-based connection.

    5. Save the policy.

    6. For every policy that used the SOAP connection that you want to replace with a REST connection, repeat steps b – e.

Article ID: 1755
Last updated: 26 Nov, 2018
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