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Error 611 When Importing Users

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Last updated: 14 Oct, 2010

Question:  When I attempt to import users in EMU using a .CSV import file, I get a 611 error:

"Error caused by nwdir occured in setupuser.  Error Description: Cannot create objects of this layout within this container Error Code 611." 

What is the problem?


The import process is unable to add the user to the group specified in the .CSV import file because the incorrect location was specified.  This customer had selected to "Add User to Groups based on Import Field" but had not included the correct format for the data file.  The customer had only added the name of the group rather than the typeful distinguished name of the group.

Please refer to the sample "MultiGroup.csv" file included with the EMU installation.  This file demonstrates the correct syntax to use when adding the user as a member to one or more eDirectory groups during the import process.

Following is an example of the format to add a user to group1 and group2 in the test container and group3 in the eumu container.

.cn=Group1.ou=test.o=eumu;.cn=group2.ou=test.o=eumu;.cn=grou p3.o=eumu

Article ID: 173
Last updated: 14 Oct, 2010
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