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Resolve Very Slow Delete of User Accounts

Article ID: 169
Last updated: 14 Oct, 2010

Problem:  A customer reported that they experienced very slow delete of user accounts using EMU.

Cause:  After examining the user accounts being deleted, we discovered that each user was a member of one or more eDirectory group that contained in excess of 2000 members.  EMU has to read the membership list for each group object into memory and remove the user from the membership list before it deletes the user account from eDirectory.  The larger the group membership list, the longer that process takes.

Resolution:  The customer removed the users from eDirectory groups using EMU before deleting the user accounts and the delete time was greatly improved.

Steps to Remove Users from Group(s)

Before deleting user accounts using EMU, you should remove them from the group(s) they are members of using the following procedure:

  1. Select "Tools" > "Account Search Based on Data File"
  2. Under "Step 1" click "Select" and choose the correct csv file that identifies the users to be deleted.
  3. Under "Step 2" select the column header used for the login username in the "Identifier Field:" and select "User Name" from the "eDirectory comparison field" drop-down list.
  4. Click "Next".
  5. Select the eDirectory container to start the search for accounts and click "OK".
  6. Click "Continue".  This will add a list of accounts in the "Report Information" panel.  Select the desired users, right-click and choose "Select in NDS View".
  7. Right-click one of the highlighted users in the "NDS Information" panel and choose "Modify Account(s)".
  8. In the "Modify Users" window, select the "Groups" tab.
  9. Ensure that the "Remove" button is bold.  Select the desired group(s) to remove the users from.
  10. Click "Modify".  NOTE - this may take an extended period of time for EMU to complete the removing of users from the selected groups.
Article ID: 169
Last updated: 14 Oct, 2010
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