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Create GroupWise Accounts from existing eDirectory Accounts

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Last updated: 14 Oct, 2010

Question:  Using EMU, can I create GroupWise accounts for existing eDirectory accounts using the same login names and passwords?

Answer:  Yes, it is possible to do this but it requires reconfiguration of authentication methods for the supported GroupWise Post Office(s).

Scenario:  A college has 3000 student accounts and has made the decision to provide them with GroupWise accounts.  This college does not want to reset eDirectory passwords, rather they want the new GroupWise accounts to use the same login names and passwords as existing eDirectory accounts, and they want minimal disruption to existing service.  All the student accounts are in the same parent-child container(s) in eDirectory.

eDirectory & GroupWise Passwords:  It is not possible to "copy" an existing eDirectory password to a linked GroupWise account during an account create process, unless both the eDirectory and GroupWise accounts are created at the same time during the same process.

Configure LDAP Authentication for GroupWise Post Offices:  It is possible to configure a GroupWise Post Office to use LDAP authentication so that the user authenticates to the eDirectory LDAP server using the eDirectory username and password.  Refer to:

Create GroupWise Accounts

:  The steps to create GroupWise accounts from existing eDirectory accounts using EMU are:

  1. In EMU in the "NDS Information" pane, highlight the desired users (right-click a container and choose "Select All Users In Container" or "Select All Users In And Below This Container" or use Control+Click or Shift+Click).
  2. Right-click the highlighted users and choose "Modify Account(s)".
  3. Select the "GroupWise" tab.
  4. Check "Create GroupWise Account" and set the Domain, Post Office and Address Book Visibility.  Then click "Test Names" button to confirm uniqueness of GroupWise names.
  5. Do Not set and GroupWise password options.
  6. Click the "Modify" button.
Article ID: 163
Last updated: 14 Oct, 2010
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