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Riva Cloud Modes: The Two Most Important Things to Know About Modes

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Last updated: 17 Dec, 2019

Riva Cloud supports everything from enterprise implementations to small to medium businesses and organizations to individual users. When you sign up for Riva Cloud, you need to determine which subscription mode you need. Riva Cloud provides two subscription modes:

  • Corporate mode.
  • Company mode.

The Two Most Important Things to Know About the Riva Cloud Modes

What is the biggest difference between Corporate mode and Company mode?

Corporate mode:

Corporate mode has

  • one email connection,
  • one CRM connection, and
  • one Riva sync policy

that apply to ALL the Corporate mode users. No exceptions.

Company mode:

In Company mode, EACH USER has

  • an individual email connection,
  • an individual CRM connection, and
  • an individual Riva sync policy.

Example: If you have five syncing Company mode users (the maximum that is allowed for a trial), you create five unique Riva Sync policies, five individual email connections, and five individual CRM connections.

Note: From an administrator's point of view, Company mode requires more work to set up and maintain the users than Corporate mode does.

Can an organization have a mix of Company and Corporate modes to meet their needs?

Yes. This requires registering for two Riva Cloud subscriptions: one in Company mode and one in Corporate mode. Syncing users cannot be added to both subscriptions or changed between modes. Each Riva Cloud subscription must have a unique Riva Cloud admin account. To discuss this process or to request the changes, contact the Riva Success Team.


  • You have 300 sales representatives worldwide, and you assign the same sync policy to all of them in one Corporate subscription.
  • You have a few other users with unique sync needs.You group them into a Company subscription, and every one of them has an individual sync policy, an individual CRM connection, and an individual email connection.
  • For your convenience, after the free trial, both subscriptions are rolled up into one invoice.

Are You Ready to Decide Which Riva Cloud Subscription Mode You Need?

If you need more information before deciding, see Riva Cloud subscription options: Which mode is right for you?

If your choice is

Article ID: 1451
Last updated: 17 Dec, 2019
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