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Use Riva Insight Track in CRM

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Last updated: 06 Oct, 2023

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The purpose of Track in CRM is to create an additional relationship to an item that you want to have recorded in CRM.


On YouTube, watch Riva Insight Track in CRM.


Track in CRM, when used in Office 365, has these limitations:

  • The Microsoft Office API prevents running Track in CRM
    • for tasks and contacts, and
    • for Outlook on mobile devices

Track an Appointment, Email, or Task

To track an appointment, email, or task to an unrelated item in CRM:

  1. Select what you want to track:

  2. In the client, select Track in CRM.

    Result: The Track in CRM screen appears.

  3. To relate the mail item to a recently used person (i.e. contact or load) or object (i.e. account or opportunity):

    • Click on the selection box to pick from a list of recently used items:

    • select the item from the list you want to relate to

  4.  Or if the item is not available in the history, click on the  icon to open the search box

    • In the search box, enter at least three characters, then click on Search

    • Click on one of the search results to select it
  5. At the bottom of the Track in CRM window, select Track to track the item. Alternatively, you may also Discard Draft to discard any changes you had made in Track in CRM, or Cancel if you want to come back and track at a later time.


  • After clicking on Track, there will be a Pending indicator at the top of Insight.  When an item is pending, it means that the item has been tracked, and is waiting for Riva Sync to process the item and save it to the CRM.

  • After an item has been synced and saved to CRM:

    • there will be a Tracked indicator, and In CRM at the the top of Riva Insight, letting you know that the item has been tracked, and is available in CRM.
    • the CRM record representing the item that was synced to CRM will be displayed in the Riva Insight side panel.

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Article ID: 1399
Last updated: 06 Oct, 2023
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