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Implement a Rolling Maximum Start Date filter for Email to CRM Calendar Sync

Article ID: 1391
Last updated: 01 Feb, 2016


When syncing a recurring series of appointments with no end date (or an end date far in the future) from Exchange to a CRM that does not support the concept of a recurring appointment, Riva took a long time creating many single appointments in the CRM.


Riva now has a rolling maximum start date option. This option sets the number of days beyond which Riva does not create single appointments when syncing the recurring appointment the first time.

To set the rolling maximum start date

Expanding the series of appointments in the CRM

Periodically, Riva creates more single appointments in the CRM to push out the tail end of the recurring appointments. This behaviour is controlled with another custom option.

To enable the rolling autoexpansion of single appointments in the CRM

Article ID: 1391
Last updated: 01 Feb, 2016
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