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How to Prepare Test Users for Riva Trial Evaluations

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Last updated: 04 Oct, 2016

Audience: Project Team Lead, End-User Evaluation Team, and Riva Administrators.

We recommend using test user accounts with minimal data to confirm that the Riva server syncs data correctly. Doing so (during the Riva server installation appointment) has a minimal impact on the CRM system, and these accounts can be used to test all of the sync features provided by Riva without affecting production users and their data.

This article explains how to prepare email user mailboxes and CRM user accounts for testing and evaluating Riva On-Premise or Riva Cloud sync policies.

Preparing the Target CRM and Email "Test" User Accounts

For typical Riva deployments, we recommend creating or using one or two “test target users” with matching accounts in the email system and the CRM. We do not recommend using production user accounts for the initial sync testing; but we can use production user accounts if creating test accounts is not feasible. We suggest either:

  • Recommended: Creating a minimum of two “test” user accounts and preparing a minimal amount of data in the CRM account for those users. Once the Riva sync policy is enabled, Riva will perform an initial sync for those designated “test” users. Two test accounts allow for testing of meetings; or

  • Using one production account (two if testing the syncing of internal meetings) and configuring a sync policy with a short sync start time filter to reduce the amount of data that is initially synced from the CRM to the email system. Choosing this option requires conducting thorough sync tests to confirm that contacts, appointments, and tasks are syncing as expected.

Prepare the "test" users for Riva

Riva works on the concept that the Riva connection user for CRM and the email system impersonates into the CRM user accounts and email mailboxes for those users that are assigned to the sync policy. Riva attempts to match the primary SMTP Reply-to email address of the mailbox to the primary email address of the corresponding CRM user.

To properly prepare the "Test" users:

  1. Ensure that the CRM service account configured in the Riva CRM connection can impersonate into the CRM test user account.

  2. Ensure that the email service user mailbox that is configured in the Riva email connection can impersonate into the test user mailbox.

  3. Ensure that the primary SMTP reply-to email address configured for the test user mailbox matches the email address assigned to the corresponding CRM user account.

Prepare the CRM "test" user data for a first time sync test

One of the first sync tests consists in confirming that the first time sync of CRM data to the user's mailbox account completes as expected. At a minimum, we recommend assigning the following to each CRM test user, depending on the types of data you want Riva to sync:

  • At least 2 CRM contact records that have all data fields populated with data.
  • At least 2 CRM lead records that have all data fields populated with data.
  • At least 1 of each type of calendar item if supported by the CRM:
    • 1 appointment
    • 1 private appointment
    • 1 meeting with another Riva synced user
    • 1 meeting with another CRM user that Riva is not syncing
    • 1 meeting with a minimum of 2 CRM contact records
    • 1 meeting with a minimum of 2 CRM lead records
    • 1 recurring meeting series with a minimum of 3 meeting dates
  • At least 1 task
  • At least 2 opportunities assigned to the test user
  • At least 2 cases assigned to the test user

Once the first time sync is complete, email sync testing is normally part of the test plan. We recommend 5 sample external emails from real email domains and 2 sample emails domains from a @gmail.com or a @hotmail.com email account.

Do Your Test Users Understand How Riva Syncs Data?

To optimize the time that your testing staff spends evaluating Riva, we recommend that they review some articles that explain how Riva syncs data between the CRM user account and a corresponding email mailbox. Reviewing these articles before the Riva server installation will equip you to answer questions related to setting sync policy options and understand how to configure the sync policy to meet your business data sync requirements.

Recommended articles to review:

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Last updated: 04 Oct, 2016
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