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Choose Your Riva Cloud Mode

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Last updated: 17 Dec, 2019

Whether for a free trial or a paid account, Riva Cloud functions in one of two modes:

  • With Company mode, connect your small team to one account that allows each user to log in and manage personalized sync settings, to suit individual needs.
  • Corporate mode is highly recommended when a large number of users need to sync with exactly the same sync settings: Set one sync policy holder and one sync policy that applies to all the users added to the account.

If you need most of your users to sync in the same way, but a few users need to have individualized sync settings, set up two trial accounts: the first in Corporate mode and the second in Company mode.

In Company mode, EACH USER has In Corporate mode,
  • an individual email connection,
  • an individual CRM connection, and
  • an individual Riva sync policy.
  • one email connection,
  • one CRM connection, and
  • one Riva sync policy

apply to ALL the Corporate mode users.

Great for small teams whose team members require unique sync capabilities. The single sync policy defines the sync behaviour for all users in this mode.

Are You Ready to Decide Which Riva Cloud Mode You Need?

If you need more information before deciding, see Riva Cloud Modes: The three most important things to know about modes.

If your choice is

Article ID: 1292
Last updated: 17 Dec, 2019
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