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-319 NWDir Errors When Attempting Password Changes

Article ID: 125
Last updated: 14 Oct, 2010

Problem:  Customer requested assistance when attempts to bulk create accounts were not setting passwords, and attempts to modify accounts to change passwords also failed.

Error:  Examined the EMU logs and discovered that there was a "-319, NWDir error" for each user account.

Troubleshooting:  On the workstation where EMU is installed, also ensured that ConsoleOne was installed.  Each time an attempt was made to open the properties of a user account in ConsoleOne, it produced a ""Failed to set current tree name. Can not continue" error.

Novell TID:  Research discovered Novell TID 10068331 that indicated the problem was related to a corrupted installation of NICI on computers that were sysprep images when syspreped when Novell client was installed.  Customer confirmed that the system that EMU was installed was a sysprep imaged computer.

Resolution:  Customer had a non-image Windows XP Pro computer available.  Had customer install Novell client, ConsoleOne and EMU on that system.  Customer confirmed that he could open the properties page of a user in ConsoleOne, and then confirmed that he could change passwords for users using EMU.  If a clean non-image computer is not available, follow the steps in Novell TID 10068331 to correct the issue with NICI.

Article ID: 125
Last updated: 14 Oct, 2010
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