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How to Confirm Riva License Status

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Last updated: 14 Jan, 2020
The article titled Verify and/or Refresh the Number of Riva Licenses supersedes this article, number 123. (Article number 123 is no longer being maintained.)

Question: How can I confirm the license status of my Riva installation?

Understanding Licensing: Riva is licensed by module, to the number of accounts that will be managed or affected by the specified module. Thus, you confirm the licence status for a given module.

To confirm the status of a Riva license:

  1. Start the Riva Manager application.

  2. On the menu bar, select Policies.

  3. Locate and right-click a module from the Policies menu, or right-click an existing policy for a given module, and select Licence Details.

  • In the Licence Details window that appears, you can confirm the total license count, the number of licensed users and remaining licenses available.

  • On the right hand pane the unlicensed users will be displayed if there are any. Typically, this is because we don't have the domain listed on the license or the licensed count has been exceeded.

  • At the bottom the license and support expiry date is listed

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Article ID: 123
Last updated: 14 Jan, 2020
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