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Dynamics CRM: Use Outlook Contact Links to Support Dynamics "Regarding" Feature

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Last updated: 25 Oct, 2019

In Riva Cloud and Riva On-Premise, you can link Exchange-created appointments to CRM contacts in a manner similar to the "Regarding" feature. Riva can use the Contacts text box below the description field of the appointment to select contacts from the user's Outlook address book, and the appointment or meeting is linked to those contacts without adding them to the attendees list.

In effect, Riva can sync the value between Exchange appointments and appointments in Dynamics CRM 2011 or higher.

In Outlook: How to Enable the Contact Link Feature

The Contact Link feature is not enabled by default in Outlook.

To enable the feature:

For detailed instructions, see Outlook: How to show the "Contact Links" on all appointments.

Riva On-Premise 2.4.35: Enable the Sync to Outlook Contact Link Feature

This feature was not available before Riva 2.4.35 and has been automatically enabled in Riva 2.4.36 or higher. We recommend updating Riva to the latest public release instead of using the following procedure.

To enable the sync to the Outlook Contact link feature:

  1. Create or update the Omni.Riva.CrmAgentEx.exe.config app.setting file to enable the following three advanced options:

    <add key="Sync.Ex.ResolveContactLinks" value="true" />

    <add key="Sync.MsCrm.SetRegardingObjectAsContactLink" value="true" />

    <add key="Sync.Sdk.SetPrimaryContactsAsContactLink" value="true" />

  2. In the Riva Service Monitor application, stop and start the service.

Applies to

  • Riva Cloud and Riva On-Premise for Exchange and Dynamics CRM 2011 or higher.
  • Riva Cloud: Enabled by default.
  • Riva On-Premise 2.4.36 or higher: Enabled by default.
  • Riva On-Premise 2.4.35: Requires advanced options in a .CONFIG file.

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Article ID: 1062
Last updated: 25 Oct, 2019
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