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Custom options to uncancel Riva "Cancelled" Exchange appointments

Article ID: 1052
Last updated: 12 May, 2015

The Riva Exchange sync policy now includes a re-initialization option to uncancel previously synced "Cancelled" calendar items.

This option is used to reset "Cancelled" calendar items back to normal appointment status. By default, Riva will set the "Show As" value to "Show Busy".

Apply Custom Option

Riva 2.4.35+ includes a custom option to specify what "Show As" value to apply to "uncancelled" calendar items,

To apply the custom option:

  • Add the following custom options to the sync policy:

    Sync.Ex.UncancelAppointment.BusyStatus = ["Show as" value] for calendar items with set start and end times (default is Busy)
    Sync.Ex.UncancelAppointment.BusyStatus.AllDay = ["Show as" value] for all day calendar items (default is Busy)

    "Show As" value can be one of: Free, Working Elsewhere, Tentative, Busy, Out of Office

Applies to

  • Riva for Exchange - EWS 2007+
  • Riva 2.4.35+
Article ID: 1052
Last updated: 12 May, 2015
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