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Manage Your Email System for Riva Cloud
Several email-related articles in the Riva On-Premise documentation also apply to Riva Cloud. When the documentation prioritization process permits, those articles will be adjusted and made available in the "Riva Cloud Manage Your...
Items That Were Previously Synced and Then Deleted Will not Resync in Email
Issue Riva displays the following error: Skipped Appointment in [Exchange, Google, or IBM Notes] - Skipping detected CRM change for a deleted or declined appointment that originated in [Exchange, Google, or IBM Notes]: Cause This...
When CRM or Exchange Systems Change - Riva Cloud
Audience: Riva Cloud admin; Riva Cloud Company users who manage their own connections. Corporate or IT management may decide to make a major change to your CRM or Exchange services. These can include: Switching to a different CRM...

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