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Riva Cloud - CRM Sync
document What is Riva Cloud?
Cloud-Based CRM Sync Service for Exchange, Notes, Google, and GroupWise Riva Cloud is the quickest and easiest way to sync your CRM and email system. Riva Cloud was the first cloud-based CRM sync service to support multiple CRMs...
document Choose Between Riva Cloud and Riva On-Premise
Riva Cloud and Riva On-Premise both give you access to Riva's advanced server-side, transparent CRM to email sync. You can choose to implement Riva Cloud by using our Software as a Service option, or you can install Riva On-Premise on a...
document Learn How to Sync Data Using Riva (User Guides)
From a user's perspective, how does it all work? User Guides We have prepared the following User guides that contain a mix of videos, screen shots, and explanation notes: How does Riva sync your CRM and Exchange data. How does...
document Riva Cloud - Change Log
Riva Cloud is updated on a regular basis. New features and enhancements are applied to all paid and trial accounts as soon as the Riva Cloud update is applied. Riva Cloud 2017.01 (January) Improved guidance to know when to save a...
document Quick Finder - Most Common Riva Cloud Knowledge Base Articles
Please be patient as we improve our navigation structure. This article contains the list of the some of the most common Riva Cloud Knowledge Base articles. Riva Cloud information privacy - What information is retained? Preventing...

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