Riva Cloud Support and Professional Services

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Last updated: 24 Mar, 2017

Riva Cloud licenses include access to technical support. This article defines what is included in "technical support" and what services are available as billable "professional services".

Technical Support

Your Riva Cloud purchase includes 30 minutes of free technical support for planning, configuration, and training. Additional time is available as a billable professional service.

Free Technical Support

Free technical support includes access to our Riva Cloud Knowledge Base web site, email support, and live support with our technicians to resolve

  • connection or sync policy configuration issues,
  • data sync issues, or
  • other problems with Riva Cloud not working as designed.

The CRM and email platforms must meet Riva Cloud system requirements.

If you have applied customizations to your CRM environment that result in CRM data sync issues, the Riva Client Engagement Team can assist to create and apply matching customizations to the Riva Cloud service to resolve the data sync issues. All Riva Cloud customizations are available as a billable professional service. (See Professional Services.)

Request Support

On the top level navigation menu at www.rivacloud.com, select Contact Us and ...

  • send us a message or
  • phone us.

You can also email us at support@rivasync.com.

Service Updates and Maintenance

Riva Cloud system engineers apply updates and patches to the service. For information on recent service enhancements and updates, see Riva Cloud change log.

Professional Services

The following billable professional services are available.

Priority Support

Technical support for critical issues that occur outside Riva's standard support hours. For more information, see Priority support.

Consulting and Training

Our Riva Success Team is available for

  • assistance with Riva Cloud setup and configuration,
  • operational procedures not affecting sync,
  • best practices reviews, or
  • training.

Custom Development

Our Riva Client Engagement Team is available to create customizations to support

  • extended field mappings,
  • custom objects, or
  • other advanced integration options.

Advanced Services

Our Riva Client Engagement Team provides architect-level resources to carry out

  • advanced planning and implementation with your or third-party business analysts;
  • reviews with your or third-party security teams, audit teams, Microsoft Exchange teams, or Salesforce or other CRM teams, including the advanced design and implementation of advanced filtering and customizations for custom CRM or Microsoft Exchange objects and custom CRM or Microsoft Exchange fields;
  • advanced fail-over and/or disaster recovery strategies; or
  • advanced object testing.

Article ID: 785
Last updated: 24 Mar, 2017
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