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Riva Cloud - Change Log

Article ID: 780
Last updated: 23 May, 2017

Riva Cloud is updated on a regular basis. New features and enhancements are applied to all paid and trial accounts as soon as the Riva Cloud update is applied.

Riva Cloud 2017.03 (May 24)

  • Increased security.
  • New home page.
  • New header.
  • Improved Delete Safety.
  • Increased user limit.
  • Streamlined registration for the free 15-day trial.
  • Fixed Error Email Notification issue.
  • Release notes 2017.03.

Riva Cloud 2017.02 (March 21)

  • Improved workflow when getting started with Riva Cloud.
  • Ability to change the password of a Riva - Google connection.
  • Improved navigation to — and in — the documentation.
  • Release notes 2017.02.

Riva Cloud 2017.01 (January)

  • Improved guidance to know when to save a sync policy for Exchange or IBM Notes.
  • Improved ability to report issues to the Riva Success Team.
  • Improved payment processing.
  • Slightly simplified Riva Cloud page display.
  • Improved navigation.
  • Release notes 2017.01.

Riva Cloud 2016.04 (April)

  • Improved performance.
  • Compatibility with Sugar 7.7.
  • Even more finely tuned sync for some platforms.
  • Release notes 2016.04.

Riva Cloud 2015.11 (November)

  • Synchronization enhancements are available for a few CRMs.
  • Universal Change Detection (UCD).
  • Release notes 2015.11.

Riva Cloud 2015.06 (June)

  • Synchronization enhancements are available for the following CRMs:
    • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015, 2013, or 2011 Rollup 10 or higher.
    • Oracle CRM On Demand.
    • Salesforce.
  • Release notes 2015.06.

Riva Cloud 2015.04 (April)

  • Embedded You-Tube videos to Policy settings page.
  • Updated Welcome page for ease of setup.
  • Added APAC Contact info to Contact Us page.
  • Exchange connection error message links to Knowledge Base article procedure.
  • Release notes 2015.04.

Riva Cloud 2014.06 (June)

  • Added feature to skip appointments marked as Private.
  • Updated Sync Log Viewer.
  • "Ask Us" added to website for easy access to the Riva Success team.
  • Release notes 2014.06.

Riva Cloud 2014.02 (February)

  • Added Error Email Notifications to the synchronization policy editor.
  • Enabled "Delete Safety" to prevent Riva from syncing mass deletes of items.
  • Release notes 2014.02.

Riva Cloud 2013.10 (October)

  • Refreshed Web UI with new look and feel. Added navigation menu bar with large icons.
    • Knowledge Base being updated to reflect changes.
  • Switched Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and Office 365 connections to production.
  • Added Technology Preview connection for Oracle Sales Cloud.
  • Implemented easy-to-follow step-by-step wizard process to set up a Riva Cloud user.
  • Improved logging services to reduce time for logs to load into log viewer windows.
  • Added ability for customers to switch to paid subscriptions online.

Riva Cloud 2013.07 (July)

  • Added a Technology Preview connection for Microsoft Dynamics CRM hosted on Office 365.
  • Added a Technology Preview connection for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 (Roll-up 10+).
  • Added a Technology Preview connection for IBM Notes and Domino.
  • Riva support can bulk-add a large number of users from a .CSV file.

Riva Cloud 2012.07 (July-August)

  • Salesforce: New connections will use OAuth. (No need to store password in Riva Cloud. Will be token-based. This also means passwords never expire.)
  • Salesforce: Convert standard User/Pass connection to OAuth.
  • All Editions: Included new Policy advanced options where applicable.
  • Moved connection-specific advanced option to the policy edit, instead of connection edit.

Riva Cloud 2012.06 (June)

  • Premium Edition now includes “Sent Items”.
  • All Editions: Unlimited Historic Data.
  • All Editions: Unlimited Record Limit.
  • Salesforce: Implemented "Standard Impersonation." as default for Corporate-mode connections.
  • Licensing: New “Admin-Only” license type – is not included in active user license count and is not included in policies. Ideal for corporate mode and when using dedicated administrator accounts.
  • Licensing: Disabled users are no longer included in the active user license count.
  • Licensing: Lite now has a 60-min sync interval instead of twice a day.
  • SmartConvert: Added option “Treat 'Reply-To:' as From”.
  • Billing: Invoice viewable and downloadable online.
  • Billing: Ability to increase subscription user count.
  • Billing: Payment details for Bank Transfer and Cheque now available under payment method.
  • Billing: Accounts configured for Bank Transfer or Cheques do not see change credit card payment method.
  • Billing: A user is warned if the account has outstanding billing.

Riva Cloud 2012.05 (May)

  • All Editions: “Sync Now!” Button added.
  • All Editions: Included many new Policy advanced options:
    • Policy (Address Book + Calendar): Added “Read-only: CRM to Exchange Only”.
    • Policy (Address Book): Replace Contact Website with Contact Web Link.
    • Policy (Address Book): Max record counts.
    • Policy (Calendar): Append “Related Contact Info” to appointment body.
    • Policy (Calendar): Disable reminder sync.
    • Policy (Calendar+Email): Disable Attachments.
    • Policy (Calendar+Email): Append “Attachment Summary” to email body.
  • NetSuite: Added connection-specific advanced options.
  • Salesforce: Added connection-specific advanced options.
  • Sugar: Added connection-specific advanced options.

Riva Cloud 2012.04 (April)

  • Standard and Premium Editions: Ability to change historic start date and auto-repoll.
  • Exchange: Added Auto-discover support.
  • Exchange: Connection login user and synchronized users can be split (used with delegate access).
  • Billing: Created new “My Account” with Account Summary and Payment History.

Article ID: 780
Last updated: 23 May, 2017
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