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Riva Cloud connects to Microsoft Exchange by using Exchange Web Services (EWS).

By default, EWS is installed and is hosted on the same server as the Outlook Web Access server (CAS).

This is the same host and service that is required to support Apple Mail, Entourage 2008 for Mac, and Office 2011 for Mac.

Create the EWS Connection

To create the EWS connection:

  1. Log in to

  2. On the Get Started page, select Configure your email.

  3. Select the Office 365 logo or the logo that corresponds to your version of Exchange.

  4. Provide the following Exchange account information:

    Riva Cloud. Window to create a Microsoft Exchange connection.

    • Exchange (EWS) URL: Host address to the Exchange Web Services URL:

      For Riva Cloud CORPORATE: Ensure that the delegated access permissions have been properly set for the Riva connection account. (For detailed information, see Prepare your Exchange system for Riva Cloud Corporate.) If your connection account is configured with Exchange impersonation, contact the Riva Cloud Success Team, and ask them to set the impersonation mode to Exchange Impersonation.

      • Manually Type In a URL: (Company-operated or hosted Exchange service provided.) You can use the path you use to log in to Outlook Web Access, for example

      • Use the Drop-Down List: Use the drop-down list to select one of the available commercial Exchange service providers.

    • User name: Depending on your server configuration, the format for your user name may be

      • SAM User name: <NT_DOMAIN>\Username, for example MyDomain\MyUserName; or
      • UPN User name: User name@<Active Directory Domain>, for example MyUserName@MyDomain.local
    • Password.

  5. Select OK.

    The connection to Exchange is tested with the credentials and connection information that you have provided.

  6. Do one of the following:

    • If the connection setup is successful, select OK. The CRM connection is added to your Riva Cloud account.
    • If you experience an issue, see the following section .

Resolving Problems

Whitelist the Riva Cloud IP address range

Riva Cloud must be able to connect to your Exchange Web Services server from the internet.

If Riva Cloud reports that the connection was not successful, contact your Exchange administrator (or hosted Exchange service provider) to confirm the following:

  • The EWS host URL uses the correct website URL for your Exchange Web Services connection.
  • The correct authentication credentials (user name and password) are saved to the connection.
  • For on-premises Exchange, ensure that the Riva Cloud service can connect through your company firewall. Ensure that ports 80 / 443 are allowed IN and OUT. For the list of IP subnets to whitelist in the corporate firewall, contact the Riva Success Team.

Exchange impersonation mode

Riva Cloud uses Exchange Delegate Access mode to access target user mailboxes. If the Riva connection user in Exchange was configured with Exchange impersonation access, you will see access errors when attempting to sync data to or from Exchange.

To correct these errors, contact the Riva Success Team, and ask to have the impersonation method set to Exchange Impersonation on the EWS connection.

How to locate the Exchange Web services URL for Office 365 and Exchange 2003-2013

  1. Go to your "Outlook Web Access" address.

  2. Look at the bottom of the login page to see which version of Exchange you are running.

  3. Do one of the following:

    • For an Outlook client: Select File, and see the URL that is listed at the top.

    • For Outlook for Mac: Start Outlook, select Tools > Accounts > Advanced, and see the URL that is listed in the Server field. Copy and paste that address, remove everything after the first .com or .ca or other such suffix, and append /OWA. For example, if the server name in Outlook 2011 is "", remove everything after the .com, so that you end up with ""; now append /OWA, so that the end result should look like this: "".

    • For Office 365: In the Riva Cloud Exchange Connection window, on the drop down menu, select Microsoft Office 365, which automatically selects the correct URL.

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