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Manage Riva On-Premise (Admin Guides)
document Priority Support
Priority support is available as a paid service for critical issues that occur outside Riva's standard support hours. Critical issues are defined as P1 and P2 priority levels in the following chart. Priority support does NOT apply to P3,...
document How to Manage Riva On-Premise
Audience: Riva Administrators who have already deployed a Riva On-Premise server for data synchronization. Welcome to the Admin Guide for the Riva On-Premise server. This online guide is a compilation of links to Knowledge Base...
document Riva On-Premise 2.4 (Latest Release Notice)
In this Release. We are pleased to make available the latest releases of the Riva On-Premise. For the latest feature enhancements and additions, see Riva server release notes. Release Notes for 2.4.42. Release Notes for 2.4.41. ...

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